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Pass the Tissues. Suncrafted offers cannabis tissue and clone storage

Suncrafted Cannabis offers cannabis tissue and clone storage service for Mass. Dispensaries

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission recently announced that cannabis dispensaries in the Bay State could now sell seeds to customers. Suncrafted Cannabis, a medical and recreational cannabis grower and retail store with a focus on sustainable practices in cannabis production, greeted that news with a big announcement of its own: the unveiling of cultivation services for cannabis tissue and clones.

“Cloning cannabis plants with valuable genetics helps ensure the high quality of future product for cannabis dispensaries and growers. Cultivating and storing “mother plants,” and clones, however, requires expensive licensed square footage and significant energy costs. Many cultivation licensees have to dedicate up to a fifth of their facility to these activities,” said Tim McNamara, president of Suncrafted Cannabis. “Our new program enables growers a way to store their best clones and tissue samples, as well as access to others’ genetics, to ensure their genetics program is fresh for consumers and most importantly, clean and free from pathogens, pests and viroids.”

The new program will utilize the tissue culture lab operated by Suncrafted’s parent company, Holistic Health Group, at their Middleborough, MA facility. As part of this program, Suncrafted will host genetics from well-known breeders as clients. Those genetics can then either be stored for the client and/or made available to interested parties through the retail store.

“For context, typical maintenance of plant genetics requires traditional cultivation of plants with all the lights, HVAC, time and attention that entails. That’s quite an expenditure of dollars and resources and almost a department of its own,” said McNamara. “For a fraction of that, we can maintain a dispensary or grower’s genetics in the incubators we presently have onsite at a fraction of the cost.”

The starting fee for the program is $500 per month/ per tissue sample. The fee will vary for clients who desire additional services, such as sales to licensed cultivators or retail/medical consumers.

For additional information, contact Tim McNamara at 774-419-3888 or tmcnamara@hhgma.com.

For information on Suncrafted Cannabis, visit http://suncraftedma.com. Suncrafted Cannabis is open Sun-Wed from 9am to 6pm, Thurs-Sat. from 9am to 9pm.

About Suncrafted Cannabis
Holistic Health Group, Inc. d/b/a Suncrafted Cannabis is a vertically integrated cannabis production and sales company housed all under one roof at 477 Wareham Street in Middleborough, MA. All investment, ownership and management are held by Massachusetts residents and the company serves both medical and adult use markets. The organization is focused on sustainable production with a medical focus using environmentally friendly techniques for contaminant free cannabis products. Patients and soon consumers can view and pre-order the company’s products at http://suncraftedma.com.


HHG is an entirely Massachusetts-based, licensed cannabis cultivator and producer. Headquartered in Middleborough, the organization combines a consistent focus on clean, solvent and pesticide free practices and processing to ensure our customers and patients receive the highest purity products.